About Robert Land Academy - The Basics

Over 35 years of success in working with boys
diagnosed with, or demonstrating characteristics of,
ADD / ADHD, ODD, NLD / NVLD and other Learning Disabilities

a structured boarding school program that understands
your son's need to take pride in himself and his achievements

extensive academic remediation and support

a physical activity program that promotes a healthy lifestyle
and personal growth

a distraction-free environment
located in a rural setting


Past Results:

  • The vast majority of all students experience a dramatic improvement in their academic performance and success within the first semester of enrolment
  • Traditionally, 100% of  the graduating class who have applied have been accepted to university or college

Why Does Robert Land Academy Utilize a Military Theme?

The military theme:

  1. provides clearly defined expectations
  2. provides consistency in the application of rules and roles
  3. openly encourages and recognizes effort and achievement
  4. sets concrete goals and provides structured support to reach them


Interviewing now for September 2014 enrolment

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