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Tuesday April 9, 2013

Coming off a high at the OFSSA Wrestling Championships held in Guelph, Ontario in March, 17 year old Alexander MacIntyre ranked in the top six at the 2013 Cadet and Juvenile Wrestling Nationals held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan April 5 & 6.  

Alex is a grade 12 student attending Robert Land Academy.  With a first place finish in his weight category at OFSAA, Alex was invited to be part of the Junior Brock Badgers Wrestling Club representing Team Ontario at the Nationals this year.  He finished with 4 wins in 7 matches, ranking in the top 6 out of 24 wrestlers in the 76 kg weight category.  This is Alex's second year wrestling at the Nationals, finishing in the top 8 in 2012 in New Brunswick. 

Alex says that he was "blown away to have made it this far after just 4 years of wrestling at RLA", and that "you can achieve anything at Robert Land Academy."  He was also impressed to see such amazingly talented wrestlers from all across Canada come together in one place. 

Alex plans to continue wrestling next year when he attends university.  When asked where he plans to attend, he says that "he is still undecided and is keeping his options open."

Monday November 19, 2012
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 13, 2012)

A new campaign against bullying called NoBystanders.me asks each of us to intervene when we see bullying happen. The campaign, launched in time for Bullying Awareness Week (November 12-17), features boys from Robert Land Academy (RLA), a Canadian Military themed school for boys in grades 6 - 12 which accepts students from all around the world. Nobystanders.me offers a video, poster and a pledge which asks those who sign to promise not to bully and not to be a bystander when bullying happens. The video has garnered almost 4000 views and the pledge more than 1700 signatures, including those of Hollywood actor and RLA alumnus Spencer Lofranco and World War II veteran and peace time hero Ronald (Andy) Anderson.

Nobystanders.me came out of a leadership class at RLA in which the boys, many of whom had been bullied, many of whom had bullied, explored issues around bullying. The video is told completely in their own words and the pledge they encourage everyone to sign is reflective of the one they all put their names to at the completion of the class.

"I signed the pledge because it reminds me to treat others respectfully and that I have the power to make a difference when someone else is being bullied," said Spencer Lofranco, an RLA graduate (2010) who stars in two upcoming Hollywood Films, Jamesy Boy, as the title character alongside Mary-Louise Parker, James Woods and Ving Rhames; and Admissions, as Andy Garcia's son. Both will be released in 2013.

Lofranco credits the school, which stresses academic excellence and rigorous exercise, with helping him find the discipline within himself to successfully pursue his chosen career. The school boasts a 100 per cent acceptance rate to the post-secondary school of their choice for any student who chooses to go on.

"I signed the pledge because this school produces young men who go on to be leaders in our community. Some become entrepreneurs, business executives, firefighters, police officers, politicians, actors… and whatever they do, this pledge will serve as a constant reminder to them and everyone else who signs it to treat others with respect," said Ronald (Andy) Anderson, 90, a World War II veteran featured in the November 11 History Television special series War Story, episodes "Out of the Clouds" and "Across the Rhine" and peace time hero of the Noronic fire, which resulted in the largest loss of life in Toronto's history.

Established in 1978 and located in rural Ontario, Robert Land Academy is Canada's only private military boarding school. The school has great success in working with boys diagnosed with ADD / ADHD, ODD and other Learning Disabilities. Highly structured, it offers extensive academic remediation and support and a physical activity program that promotes a healthy lifestyle, personal growth and a distraction-free environment. For more information on the school, please visit www.robertlandacademy.com and for more information on the campaign, please visit www.nobystanders.me.

Written by: Robert Land Academy
Thursday October 18, 2012


The Cadets and Faculty of Robert Land Academy are pleased to announce the launch of a new website with an important message about bullying -   www.NoBystanders.me .

This website includes two exciting components:

  1. A video featuring students at Robert Land Academy delivering a compelling message about bullying.  Their message - Bullying hurts, and it happens because we let it happen.  Take a stand against bullying, and don't be a bystander.

  2. An online pledge asking individuals to add their name in support of this important message.

NoBystanders.me and the video against bullying came out of a leadership course that a group of Cadets from Robert Land Academy participated in earlier this year.  Bullying was a major focus of the curriculum.  The video captures conclusions the students came to in class and is told by those students in their own words.  At the end of the course, each boy signed a pledge promising that he would: (a) not be a bully; and (b) not be a bystander to bullying, and since then every student at Robert Land Academy has signed this pledge.

Taking a stand against bullying is important to Robert Land Academy and its students.  We hope it is important to you too.

We ask that you support this message by visiting the website www.NoBystanders.me and watching the videosigning the online petitionsharing this site with people you know, and most importantly, speaking out when you see bullying happen.




Friday August 31, 2012

A number of Cadets from Robert Land Academy returned to school one week early this year to take part in the Academy’s Student NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) Leadership Training Course. 

Robert Land Academy is Canada’s only private military-style school for boys.  Entering its 34th year in operation, the Academy enrols students from across Canada and around the world.  Offering a structured boarding school program that understands the needs of boys, the Academy provides extensive academic remediation and support, a physically active program which promotes a healthy lifestyle and personal growth, and a distraction-free environment located in a rural setting – all of which create an environment in which boys can be successful and take pride in their many achievements.

In the spring these Cadets submitted an application requesting to participate in the course which is designed to develop skills, shape their confidence, and position them for potential student leadership opportunities at the Academy in the coming school year.

Throughout the week, Cadets attended clinics and participated in hands-on learning exercises on principles and elements of leadership, time management and organization, mentoring, and calling parade drill.  They also received instruction and training on basic canoe safety in preparation for team building exercises during a canoe trip to the Grand River in Haldimand County.

The week culminated with a Graduation Parade and the selection of the Top Candidate of the course.  Many of the Cadets departed for the Labour Day weekend, and return following their break to welcome both new and returning students throughout the first week of September.

For further information about Robert Land Academy visit: www.robertlandacademy.com or contact:

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