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The majority of boys entering Robert Land Academy boarding school for troubled boys are functioning well below their ability.  Below average marks and above average intelligence are compatible when intelligence is employed at every opportunity to get out of doing work.

The overwhelming majority of new students accepted to the Academy experience a dramatic increase in their academic performance and success within the first semester of enrolment.

Despite the fact that applicants are accepted on the basis of their potential and often despite their achievements, 100% of our graduates applying to university or college are accepted into their program of choice.


Robert Land Academy offers a demanding academic program that is as rigorous as the training and physical components.  Small classes and a low student to faculty ratio allow for close personal interaction.  Remedial assistance, supervised mandatory study halls and tutorials are an integral part of daily routine.  Additional periods of class time are scheduled each semester to allow when required for targeted remediation of core Literacy and Numeracy skills.  By addressing these problems rather than bypassing them, students can experience a reopening of post graduate options and a new sense of optimism and purpose regarding their studies.

The school year is divided into two semesters with semester one from September to the end of January and semester two from the end of January to June.  Rather than the usual 4 class period day, the Academy offers 5 periods each day thereby providing for extensive remediation and academic catch up.

The Academy is an inspected private school and is authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant course credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).  This diploma is recognized by universities and colleges throughout North America and Europe.  Each credit course consists of a minimum of 110 scheduled instructional hours.  Students normally take eight credits during each of grades 9 through 11 and six grade 12 or pre-university courses in their final year. All courses offered reflect traditional subjects and disciplines and all courses required for admission to any university program are routinely offered. 

Classes are small and average 15 pupils.  Tutorials are conducted during week days and weekends.  Remedial Literacy and Numeracy blocks of 110 instructional hours each are available in each semester to support student success.  All courses emphasize the development of strong basic skills in reading, writing and study techniques.

Specific programming is provided to help students address the situation where they find themselves behind academically or previously placed in streams precluding university or college admission.  Counselling and advice is provided with regards to University and College programs and options.  Students are guided through and assisted with the application procedure.


Here’s what a former RLA graduate had to say about the program at our boarding school for troubled boys.

"This past year of my life was one of great success. I was able to accomplish things that I had never thought possible. My relationship with my parents, which had once been bleak and uncomfortable, is now full of love, comfort, trust and communication."

L/Cpl M. Beasley, RLA graduate

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