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Interviewing Now for Second Semester (Jan 2020)
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Admissions Process

It is important that you understand our program and have an opportunity to ask questions about it.  Contact us to arrange a no-obligation information session by phone, Skype or in person.  Information sessions are an excellent preliminary to the admissions interview and allow for some sense as to your son’s suitability to our program.  Call now and explore your options.

Admissions Interview

Interviews can be conducted with you and your son either by Skype or in person.  Copies of academic transcripts or reports from the preceding two years and a written application/interview form are required.  Admission is based upon your son’s suitability to the program and the potential for success as exhibited through the interview process.

Please contact our Admissions Office for further details or to schedule an enrolment interview.

Admissions Process (Step-by-Step)

  1. Contact the Academy to arrange for an information session or an admission interview.  If booking an admission interview please submit the $250 interview fee
  2. Complete the admission interview
  3. Complete medical forms.  A physical with your family doctor may be required
  4. Upon acceptance, review enrolment  package and forward deposit and other payments
  5. Apply for a student visa (international students only)
  6. Arrive at the Academy on intake day

For information on fees visit our student fees page.

Robert Land Academy welcomes all inquiries and will be happy to arrange an appointment for an information session, school tour, or an admissions interview.  Information sessions or admission interviews may also be conducted through Skype.

For further information, please call our Admissions Office at 905-386-6203.