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What is a Military Themed School?

Robert Land Academy is a private school located in Wellandport, Ontario.  It is a unique school for young men in which its purpose, mission, and structure can be described as:

Robert Land Academy is a highly structured, military-themed, living and learning environment.

What exactly does military themed mean?

If you were to come for a tour at RLA you would see our students (boys):

-marching and being involved with military parades
-wearing a military-style uniform
-having their personal space organized based on RLA’s expectations; these spaces  are also inspected daily
-a Colour Party which raises and lowers the Canadian flag daily
-students and staff saluting their superiors

Why do we behave in this way?  At RLA we use a military theme to help provide a structure and mindset that will help our students reach their potential.  In other words, we use various components – such as the organization, ranks, expectations, rewards/consequences, discipline, performing drill – of the military to provide a highly organized, controlled and designed environment.  Yet, our students are not expected to enter a branch of the Canadian Armed Forces or a military university such as Royal Military College (RMC) in Kingston as may be the case in a Military School in the United States.

Over the school’s 39-year history we have found that the military theme provides an opportunity which allows our students to succeed.  A structure which is predictable and consistent but also allows students to feel safe and supported by the staff of the Academy.   An opportunity which allows students to learn not only the English, math, sciences, and humanities but also to learn the skills associated with self-regulation, organization, initiative, and responsibility

The Military theme is an example of how RLA and its staff helps to support young men who need a challenging, yet structured and supportive environment.  If you and your son believe this may be the best learning environment check out our website at we still have some spaces available in certain grades. 

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