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C Company (Students in Grade 11 and 12)

At Robert Land Academy our students are divided up into three age groupings, or Companies.  Our Senior Students, Grade 11 and 12, make up what we call C Company and their program is very different then the boys who are in the Junior Program (Grade 5 – 8) or Intermediate Program (Grade 9 -10).  

First and foremost, many of the students in C Company realize that their time at the Academy is short in span and big in expectations.  Most, if not all, of the boys have dreams and aspirations of going to post-secondary schools – usually universities.  Unfortunately for many of these students, they do not have the learning skills to achieve the marks that are required for the university programs that they want to access.  So many of these students come to RLA with the hope of finishing strong by turning a 75% average into an 85 – 90% average.  Can this happen?  Of course, it can if a student works hard, puts in the time and focuses on achieving this goal.  Does it happen at RLA?  Absolutely, over the past number of years we have seen 100% of students who apply to university be accepted. 

The program at RLA goes beyond in achieving acceptance to university though, the program focuses on preparing students to succeed at university and in life by teaching them:

Is it too late to join C Company?  What if I had a bad first semester in Grade 11 or 12?  It is never too late to get support and to help you achieve your goals.  However, you need to be committed to the goals and be open to the support of the faculty and staff of RLA.  In fact, over the past few years we have students who have graduated from their high school or even failed out of the first university experience, they come to RLA to learn how to be student, that is they came to learn how to work hard, how to study, use their time wisely, take responsibility for their education and most of learning what it takes to have success. 

If this sounds like the program that you or your son or some you know should be considering check out the C Company or Senior Program at and if you think we can help, then set up an information session with our admission department.  

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