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RLA's Elementary Program aka: A Company (Grade 5 - 8)

At Robert Land Academy, we support our students by offering a program which is based on their learning and living needs.  Students who are in Grade 5 – 8 learn within our Junior Program which is also known as A Company.  The boys who are in Grade 9 – 10 are working within our Intermediate program which is known as B Company.  While students in Grade 11 – 12 are supported by the Senior program which is known as C Company.

Students who are working within A Company will find a balanced and structured program which:

- utilizes the Ontario Curriculum as its basis

- focuses on teaching the subject based curriculum expectations as well as learning skills such as organization, self-advocacy, and self-regulation

- creates a supervised and safe living and learning environment

- understands that students must have fun, building relationships, enjoying the outdoors and playing on sports teams (i.e. cross country, volleyball, basketball, track and field), fishing, enjoying outdoor activities (i.e. camping, biking, building forts)

- providing healthy meals 

- provide opportunities for students to learn leadership skills and responsibility

Most of all though we try to give the boys in ACOY the opportunity to have fun, take a look at this video to see what I mean.

"A Company" at RLA may be a place for your son or someone you know to live and learn.    It can often be challenging for your home and child’s present school to have consistency with academic expectations, discipline, and social interactions.  However, RLA as a living and learning environment is able to create a structure for our students to have success.  If this may be a school to help your son please check out our website at  Your child’s education is one of the most important investments you can make, make that investment with Robert Land Academy. 

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