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Understanding Students in Grade 9 and 10 - Welcome to B Company

During my time in education I have found that every student has to deal with challenges that are unique to their grade or age.  These challenges can be a skill such as learning to read, a course like Grade 12 Calculus or a year where the transition to expectations can be difficult like a student moving from Kindergarten to Grade 1 or a student graduating from elementary school and moving into Grade 9.  For young men, there is a time in their lives where the learning of skills, knowledge and adapting to behaviour expectations presents a high degree of difficulty – the time that begins at the end of Grade 9 and finishes approximately 10 months later at the beginning of second semester of Grade 10.

During this time, a young man has just made the transition to high school and is trying to be their own person while being accepted by others.  It is a time where a student must begin to take responsibility for their actions and yet they will have moments where they tend to be immature.  It is also a time where students can lose focus on their academics and begin to live in a world dominated by dating, social relationships, technology, gaming, social media, drugs and alcohol.

For parents who are facing this time with their son, it can be a difficult and challenging time. A time where it is difficult to have students gain balance in their life between academics, physical activity, and social friendships.  A time where the structures and discipline which were able to keep their son on track is not working anymore, that self-discipline has seemingly disappeared and what is left is a messy room from a young man who refuses to take responsibility for their actions or lack thereof.  

What can you do?

Perhaps we can help?  At Robert Land Academy (RLA) we specialize in supporting young men (from Grade 5 – 12) with a living and learning environment that will provide the structure and balance, within our military theme, that are absent from their lives.  At RLA we work with our students to show them the skills that will allow them to have the ability to be self-disciplined, organized, to self-regulate, which will allow them to take responsibility, work independently and take initiative.

RLA’s program also focuses on developing leadership skills and self-confidence so that our students can face an ever-changing world and supports these skills through various activities such as parachuting club, SCUBA club, NCO course, Fall Exercise, Bataan Death March and Raider Challenge.

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