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The Five Values continued

Over the past several weeks I’ve been talking to the students about the five values of Robert Land Academy – Loyalty, Labour, Courage, Commitment and Honour – and how these values can be lived in our everyday lives here on campus and throughout life.

My last blog I touched on why we have the values as well as Loyalty and Labour. This week I would like to share the talk I had with the students on Courage and Commitment.

Courage is often misunderstood as a lack of fear. It’s actually the ability to do something despite being afraid or the strength to face pain or grief.

At RLA sometimes just showing up is an act of courage. New students don’t know what to expect; they hear “military school” and wonder if it will be like boot camp, or worse; and they’re going to be away from family and friends, often for the first time. It can certainly be a scary experience.

Once here, courageous acts happen daily, if not hourly, as students take on new roles, learn new skills, or tackle difficult academic lessons.

In a much broader sense, and the kind of courage we want our students to take with them throughout their lives, Robert Land Academy sees courage as making changes, when necessary, to improve yourself; making the right choice, even when the right choice is the difficult choice; respecting yourself and others in all situations; and upholding your personal values and beliefs when they are challenged.

When we make a commitment we make a promise to be constant in our effort to realize a goal, to be faithful to a person or cause, to stick with whatever that commitment is, even when the going gets tough.

Our students are taught to have commitment toward their academic studies and goals; to be committed to the physical training and sports they have chosen to take part in; to be committed to improving their life skills by taking part fully in all aspects of the RLA program; and, ultimately, to be committed to reaching their true potential and living their best lives.

As well, I made a connection with the students by describing how commitment was actually loyalty and labour by standing up for something and putting actions toward it.

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