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Life at Our Canadian Military Academy

A look at just some of the many activities that students at Robert Land Academy have been up to Sep-Nov 2019.


Robert Land Academy is a Canadian military academy located near Toronto, Ontario.  Using a military-style approach, we work with boys and young men to help them succeed where they may have experienced challenges in the traditional school system.  Providing a more structured environment for these boys is a key component to helping them succeed.  Here’s a look at what a cadet’s life is like at the Academy.

Cadet Life

Upon admission to Robert Land Academy, all boys are considered recruits.  Introductory training includes learning the systems and lifestyles of the Academy.  Promotion to cadet status follows successful completion of specific performance objectives.  The rank system encourages the development of positive leadership skills, and the opportunity to earn more privileges through personal achievement.

Boys live in barracks-style dorms.  The daily schedule is structured to assist cadets with time management and self-discipline.  A typical day begins at 0600 hours and includes a staff inspection of living quarters, lockers and personal belongings.  Breakfast is followed by a devotional, flag-raising and drill.  Classes, sports and activities take place weekdays.  Weekends highlight outdoor adventure training, sports, academic tutorials, study halls and chapel services on Sundays.

Each boy is required to participate in extracurricular activities, designed to develop sportsmanship, physical strength, leadership, and a sense of self-worth.  Varsity teams compete with area high schools in basketball, cross-country, wrestling, soccer, track and field, and badminton.  On an individual basis, boys can challenge themselves with the parachuting course, canoeing, scuba, rock climbing, rappelling, orienteering, and other outdoor adventure activities.  Some 20 clubs are organized to meet a variety of interests such as boxing, mountain biking, photography, computers, chess, army cadets (RCAC), and many more.

Boys return home approximately once a month for a four day weekend and can apply for additional leaves if their effort warrants extra privileges.

All meals, including snacks, are healthy, wholesome and nutritionally balanced. Our fully accredited chef is also a graduate of our Canadian military academy. The Academy is the recipient of the Eat Smart! School Cafeteria Award, for offering healthy menu choices, maintaining an excellent track record in food handling safety, and for having all food service staff appropriately trained and certified in safe food handling measures.

Becoming a Robert Land Academy student catalyzes a young man's emotional growth so as to stimulate a heightened sense of responsibility and to appreciate more fully the value of family and home life.

A Typical Day

0600   Rise and Shine / Personal hygiene   Team effort to prepare barracks for inspection
0700   Inspection by Company Sergeant Major
0745   Breakfast
0900   Classroom studies
1200   Lunch
1300   Classroom studies
1600   Change for activity period
1630   Sports, fitness training, activities & tutorials
1745   Dinner
1830   Mandatory study hall
2030   Personal preparation in barracks
2145   Lights out
2230   Lights out for cadet leaders


Here’s what a Canadian Member of Parliament had to say about the approach we take at our Canadian military academy.

"Throughout the years, the staff have worked long and diligently in providing students a structured and motivated educational environment. All those involved in the success of the Robert Land Academy have continuously demonstrated commitment and zeal. This commitment on behalf of the students stands as a sterling example of the success of a collective effort for a common good."

The Honourable Gilbert Parent, MP, Speaker of the House of Commons

Contact Us

Robert Land Academy welcomes all inquiries and will be happy to arrange an appointment for an admissions interview or a campus tour.

For further information about our Canadian military academy, please call our Admissions Office at 905-386-6203.