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Annual Inspection (Open House) 2014 - Robert Land Academy

View photos from Robert Land Academy's 35th Annual Inspection (Open House) - May 31, 2014

Annual Inspection 2013 - Robert Land Academy

Students from Robert Land Academy put tremendous effort into their displays at this year's Annual Inspection (Open House) - Saturday, June 1, 2013. Family, friends and special guests of the Academy toured the many displays ranging from academic, athletic, barracks, and club activities, plus performances from the music club and the play performed by the grade 12 English class. The day culminated with all students on a parade. Brigadier General Andrew Salas, Adjutant General, New Mexico National Guard, was in attendance as the Reviewing Officer for the day's events.

Father Son Day 2013 at Robert Land Academy

It was a picture perfect day at Robert Land Academy on February 9, 2013.  Fathers joined their sons at the Academy for a day long event of fun and bonding.  Tug-o-War, a hotdog eating contest, and the snow tire race were just some of the fun activities planned for the day.  The day was topped off with a drill competition for the fathers, a silly hat competition, and an awards ceremony dinner.