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How Canadian Boarding Schools Can Prepare Youth for University or College

Each student has unique needs that must be met in order for them to excel in their academics. Canadian boarding schools provide an excellent environment for success - a space where students can focus on their grades, practice a healthy lifestyle, gain confidence, and have the guidance they will need to succeed in college or university. Here are some of the ways boarding schools in Canada will create a foundation of good habits your child can carry forward into their post-secondary education.

Canadian boarding schools offer smaller class sizes with a high teacher to student ratio giving each student the attention and guidance needed in their academics to succeed. A smaller class size also means that students with learning disabilities are able to receive the attention they need in a class with minimal distractions to ensure a successful academic career enabling them to continue onto a post-secondary education. 

Boarding schools in Canada also provide a structured living environment allowing students to improve social skills, personal hygiene, self-confidence, health and fitness, time management, and organizational skills. Schools also ensure that students are in peak learning conditions by providing balanced meals and optimal sleeping conditions. Learning how to take care of yourself outside of the home is a key element to having a successful college or university experience. 

Having an engaging education where students can see the improvements they are making is one of the ways that Canadian boarding schools instill confidence in their students. Students are challenged by their course work so they feel accomplished and proud of their achievements. Boarding schools also give students a sense of community and a feeling of belonging, making them happier and driven in their studies.

Many boarding schools in Canada are equipped with a team of professionals. Guidance counsellors, sports physiotherapists, registered nurses, doctors, and educational psychologists outside of the teaching faculty are there to support and guide students through their education. Students meet with councilors and educational psychologists to help select courses, apply to college or universities, and select theeir next educational opportunity. This level of support and encouragement in Canadian boarding schools ensures students are prepared and succeed in their post-secondary education.

By providing a space for students to focus on their education, lifestyle, and self-confidence, Canadian boarding schools are excellent institutions to prepare students for the challenges of university or college.  Boarding schools in Canada offer more than an education for their students, they offer a chance to change bad habits, work to their fullest potential, and become a productive part of the community.

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