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Military Academy: A Time for Personal Growth

Many children today suffer from behavioral and learning disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Children that have behavioral or learning disorders tend to have trouble focusing, listening, respecting authority figures and retaining information. These disorders can make it extremely difficult for a child to succeed in school, and in their personal life.

If your child is having trouble in any of these areas, an all-boys military boarding school can offer him the education, support, growth and stability needed to become happier and more self-sufficient. A military academy is a proven method of treating learning and behavioral disorders.

What is a military academy?
An all-boys boarding school can offer your child a world previously unknown. A military academy is a military themed private boarding school that focuses on education, personal growth, health and cooperation. A boarding school provides a safe atmosphere where one can learn, reflect and grow unimpeded by the distractions of today’s world. These academies use a military theme in order to maintain a strict regime of rules and order. An all-boys boarding school can also help your child learn methods to cope with ADD.

What makes them successful?
Unfortunately, not all high school teachers have the skills or knowledge needed to properly teach a child who has a behavioral disorder. Classes in public schools are typically overcrowded, meaning teachers don’t have the time to focus on one child, and therefore cannot provide them with the time and attention they need. Classes in private schools are much smaller, allowing the teachers to provide sufficient time and attention to each student.

All children learn at a different pace.  Private schools – sometimes referred to as independent schools - know this and tend to incorporate this factor into their curriculum.  Private academies are typically located in rural areas, far away from large cities and diversions. Eliminating the use of cell phones, computer games and video games is a pillar of some private academies, allowing the students to maximize their time. Military academies places a great emphasis on self-improvement through team building exercises, self-reflection, physical activity and sports, your child can develop social skills, confidence, and respect.

Behavioral disorders and other learning disabilities can be stressful for your child and your family. An all-boys boarding school could be their opportunity to grow.

Robert Land Academy is a private military boarding school for boys in grades 6 through 12.  It is located in Ontario, Canada.  For further information call Robert Land Academy at 905-386-6203 or visit