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Robert Land Academy Announces Annual Leadership Award

SPEAKER DAVE LEVAC NAMED RECIPIENT OF THE JOHN BRANT AWARD - In recognition of the values on which Robert Land Academy (RLA) is based: loyalty, labour, commitment, courage and honour, the school has created an award to honour those values in community leaders.

The inaugural John Brant Award will be presented by the Academy at a Gala Event in April of this year and will honour MPP Dave Levac, the Speaker of the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

“Our school values leadership,” said Major Kevin Wending, Headmaster of Robert Land Academy, explaining the award was established to recognize leadership in the community; to honour character traits important to the school and its founder; and to demonstrate to students the link between leadership and the school’s values with success and an individual’s impact in the world.

“The Academy has a proven track record of success with boys who may struggle in other school programs, and much of that can be attributed to providing opportunities for leadership and growing their self-confidence,” noted Tim Hudak, RLA Board of Governors member and co-chair of the Gala Event. “This award is a perfect way to recognize the importance of leadership at Robert Land Academy and in the community.”

The award was named after John Brant (1794 – 1832), Mohawk Grand Chief and the first Native American to sit in the Upper Canada Assembly as a member, to honour a respected leader who demonstrated loyalty, labour, commitment, courage and honour throughout his life.

This year will mark the 40th Anniversary of the Academy, which was founded in 1978, and the establishment of the award and its presentation will mark the launch of the Academy’s anniversary celebrations.

The first presentation of the annual award will be presented to The Honourable Dave Levac in recognition of his work in the community of Brant and as an MPP.

“A lot can be contributed to this man,” said Major Wending about the nomination of Levac for the inaugural award. “He has given his life and his career to others.”

MPP Levac’s resume of contributions is long and impressive and demonstrates hard work; loyalty to his students, his neighbours and his community; commitment to helping others; courage in pursuing what he felt was right; and honour in a life lived with dignity and integrity.

“I’ve known Speaker Levac for many years and I can’t think of a more deserving recipient of our first John Brant Award,” said Hudak, adding “in his 19 years as an MPP, Speaker Levac was an extraordinarily effective MPP, respected by all parties in the Legislature and the best Speaker I had the honour to serve with.”

MPP Levac will be recognized at the Robert Land Academy Gala Event on Saturday, April 21 at The National Club in Toronto. For more information on the event visit