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Robert Land Academy Plays Host to Niagara Regional Police Basketball Team

Students and faculty of Robert Land Academy played host to 12 members of the Niagara Regional Police Services at a charity basketball game held on February 16, 2011.  Both teams played full out during the 40 minute game, ending with a win for the NRPS team.

Constable John DiMartile of the Niagara Region Police Community Services Unit says similar games have been arranged with more than a dozen high schools within the Niagara Region.  The interest from local schools has been so great that he may add additional games to the schedule.  DiMartile says, “The goal is to promote a friendly competitive game in which the youth and police are able  to mingle and have fun interacting with each other. Our hopes are to break down the walls of negativity that youth may have with police and recreate a positive opportunity”.  Police officers volunteer to play during their off duty hours. Captain Allan Spaan, Robert Land Academy’s Administration Officer, welcomed the offer when first contacted by Constable DiMartile.  “This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to interact with positive role models in the community.  Reaching out to youth through sports is an ideal venue.” says Spaan.  Robert Land Academy’s founder and headmaster, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Bowman, thanked all players and presented the NRPS team with Academy hats and a donation to the NRPS Community Service Unit to help support their ongoing community programs. Located in West Lincoln, Ontario, Robert Land Academy is a private boarding school for boys in grades 6 through 12.  Many of its students have experienced difficulties related to attitude, concentration, focus, respect, or have been diagnosed with ADHD and other learning disabilities.  The vast majority of boys experience a dramatic increase in their academic marks, level of physical fitness, and improved relationships with their families.  Robert Land Academy utilizes a military model to reinforce the importance of structure, discipline, accountability and self-determination.  The demanding intellectual and physical challenges are accompanied by support and encouragement to assist each student in developing self-confidence and self-worth through genuine achievement. The highly structured environment at Robert Land Academy is intended to support and encourage boys to reach their potential.