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Robert Land Academy Students Return to School Early for Leadership Training

A number of Cadets from Robert Land Academy returned to school one week early this year to take part in the Academy’s Student NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) Leadership Training Course. 

Robert Land Academy is Canada’s only private military-style school for boys.  Entering its 34th year in operation, the Academy enrols students from across Canada and around the world.  Offering a structured boarding school program that understands the needs of boys, the Academy provides extensive academic remediation and support, a physically active program which promotes a healthy lifestyle and personal growth, and a distraction-free environment located in a rural setting – all of which create an environment in which boys can be successful and take pride in their many achievements.

In the spring these Cadets submitted an application requesting to participate in the course which is designed to develop skills, shape their confidence, and position them for potential student leadership opportunities at the Academy in the coming school year.

Throughout the week, Cadets attended clinics and participated in hands-on learning exercises on principles and elements of leadership, time management and organization, mentoring, and calling parade drill.  They also received instruction and training on basic canoe safety in preparation for team building exercises during a canoe trip to the Grand River in Haldimand County.

The week culminated with a Graduation Parade and the selection of the Top Candidate of the course.  Many of the Cadets departed for the Labour Day weekend, and return following their break to welcome both new and returning students throughout the first week of September.

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