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Robert Land Academy Students Take to the Skies - RLA Skydiving Club Update

Five new names have been added to the membership of the Robert Land Academy Skydiving Club.

Over a sunny weekend in May, five students took part in a two-day ground training and skydiving adventure at the Grand Bend Sport Parachute Centre located in Grand Bend, Ontario. The weather was exceptional for the jumpers. Day one included in-depth ground school training with qualified instructors. On day two, each student was accompanied in the aircraft by two instructors for an instructor assisted deployment (IAD) from 8,000 feet. Students were welcomed into the Skydiving Club at the Academy the following Monday, each being presented with their Academy parachute wing insignias to be worn on their uniform.

This marks the second skydiving course that students have participated in this academic year.  In October, four other students took to the skies to earn their parachute certification.  Skydiving is one of the many extra-curricular activities that students at Robert Land Academy can take part in.  While skydiving is restricted to students 16 years of age and older, other clubs and activities include rock climbing, boxing, weight training, mountain biking, music club, SCUBA diving, automobile restoration, fitness, athletics, and a host of others.

Robert Land Academy is Canada's only private military-style boarding school for boys in grades six through 12.  For further information about the program or to arrange a tour or interview, please contact the Academy at 905-386-6203 or visit