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Should You Consider a Military School for Your Child?

It’s true that every parent wants the best for their child, including giving their child a proper education. When it comes to choosing schools, the most important thing to consider is how the school addresses the needs of your child. After all, it’s easy to get caught up in finding the top school, comparing qualification against qualification.

Rather than comparing countless schools it’s recommended to narrow your search by selecting the schools that best address your child’s difficulties. Military school is one type of private schooling that specifically caters to students with particular needs. Listed below are several reasons to consider enrolling your child in a Canadian military academy.

How is Your Child in a Traditional School Setting?
Does your child struggle in a traditional school setting? Are they falling behind in class? If so, perhaps it’s not because your child isn’t bright or capable, but it could be that they work best in structured environments or have trouble with self-discipline and focus. In this case a structured military school system may benefit your child by defining clear goals and giving them methods to achieve them.

Receiving Sufficient Support and Guidance
Public schools tend to have a higher ratio of students per teacher than private military schools. For example, in public schools it’s not uncommon to have one teacher per thirty or more students, making it difficult for students to receive any one-on-one time from their teacher.

In a Canadian military academy, you’ll never hear a child say that they wished for more attention from their teacher, as class sizes rarely exceed more than 20 students. It is for this reason that military schools are such a suitable option for parents of children who require extra support and guidance.

Does Your Child Enjoy Their Assignments?
Rarely will you hear a child say that they love doing homework. However, because homework is unavoidable it’s important that teachers be skilled in cultivating interest and enthusiasm from their students.  As you may know, a military academy tends to be gender segregated—either as an all-boys or an all-girls school. The advantage this brings is that teachers are able to tailor their curriculum and programing to their specific gender audience. As different genders tend to be interested in different things, teachers can adjust their topics accordingly. For example, books with an action theme can be selected to motivate boys to improve their writing and reading capabilities.

Do They Have a Learning Disability?
Children with learning disabilities have a completely different set of needs, which is a strong reason to consider enrolling your child in a Canadian military academy. There are over 30 military prep schools in the United States and one in Canada.  Many of these military prep schools have specialized programs to teach children with ADHD and other learning disabilities, so you can relax knowing that your child is receiving the best professional care and education.

Children with learning disabilities will find that pursuing any level or type of education challenging, but that said, education is an essential step in each child’s future. Considering how a military school meets the needs of your child could be the single most life-changing evaluation you make in your child’s life.

This article is published by Robert Land Academy, a private military style boarding school for boys in grades 6 through 12 located in Ontario Canada. To learn more about the benefits of a Canadian military school experience for your son, contact Robert Land Academy today.