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When a School for Learning Disabilities is the Only Viable Option

As a parent, you want to see your child become an adult who is capable of achieving every positive goal he or she sets out to achieve. What parent would not want that for their child, after all?

However, as many developmental psychologists have noted, children who are diagnosed with a learning disability have to work harder for their academic achievements than their peers who are not faced with such challenges. Indeed, nearly even gifted children displays symptoms of learning disabilities, such as being easily distracted and having difficulties accomplishing a specific task.

To put this into very real perspective: were you aware that many of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works of art are considered “unfinished” masterpieces? It seems that even this Renaissance genius was incapable of completing a set task, yet he is considered to have drafted the world’s first “flying-machine” blueprint!

Quite often, children with learning disabilities spend many difficult years floundering in the traditional school system and, as a result, are discouraged at the thought of completing post-secondary studies.  Consequently, some stop attending school altogether.  Many, boys in particular, become addicted to video or computer games as a way of externalizing their frustration, and as way to socialize with other “gamers” on-line, rather than with their peers at school. 

Furthermore, children with ADD who are not enrolled in a school for learning disabilities are likely to feel extremely fatigued after a typical school day. This behaviour, if it continuous, can also lead to anxiety as homework demands increase, and in turn, can have long-lasting consequences to the mental health of your child.

However, parents with a child who exhibits mild to severe symptoms of ADD/ADHD have found solace in the fact that enrolling their son at a private boarding school, and more specifically, a school for learning disabilities, is a viable option. Enrolling a child at a private boarding school is a significant investment, however, many parents believe their child must be taken out of the traditional school system for him to succeed academically and socially.

If you are looking to place your child into a private boarding school, it would be beneficial to ensure that this school is also capable of providing specific care for children who are confirmed as having, or suspected of having, a learning disability. A school for learning disabilities will have the proper tools and resources to ensure that your child is getting the care they need and deserve.

For example, a reputable school for learning disabilities should have a small student-to-teacher ratio, where qualified teachers show classroom leadership, and know how to teach to children who need encouragement, repetition of key theoretical concepts, and motivation in a school setting.

Life as an adult can be difficult enough, but preparing your child’s future success starts the moment he is shown all that he can become! A private boarding school could be the key to helping him achieve his full potential.

This article has been posted by Robert Land Academy. Since 1978, Robert Land Academy has provided a structured living and learning environment for boys and young men in grades 6 through 12 who require a specialized program.  Robert Land Academy is a private military style boarding school for boys located in Ontario, Canada.  To learn more about enrolment opportunities, visit or call 905-386-6203 to arrange a visit.