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Is Military School the Right Choice?

Many parents of boys ponder the notion of sending their son to military school at least once in their life.  Are you one of them?  Why is this?  It may be because you see such incredible potential in your son which he is wasting - and you are frustrated by this. The evidence of this wasting potential is often failing grades, conflicting values between family and friends, disruptive behaviour at school and at home, and low self-confidence.

Robert Land Academy is a private military boarding school for boys located in Ontario, Canada.  It is situated in a rural setting within the picturesque Niagara Region, approximately 60 minutes from Toronto and 30 minutes from the United States border.  The school’s military theme is the foundation of its learning and living environment, providing structure and discipline for boys who are troubled by poor grades and wasted potential.  Within this boarding school environment, boys are challenged to work to their fullest capacity.  Invariably, students quickly realize success.  Their grades improve, their level of physical fitness improves, the develop a more positive impression about themselves, and they adopt a healthier outlook on life.  For boys graduating from Robert Land Academy, 100% of those who apply to college or university are accepted into their program of choice.

Living away from home means boys are separated from the ever present negative distractions of their current environment.  This time away provides opportunity for family relationships to mend – often resulting in a fresh start for the boy, his siblings and his parents.

At Robert Land Academy, the goal is to help realize the potential of each student academically, physically and emotionally.  If you have ever considered a military boarding school for your son, then it is worthwhile contacting Robert Land Academy for further information.  The Academy regularly holds information sessions for parents.  These sessions are in a group setting and provide an opportunity to learn more about the program, meet with staff and students, and tour the facility without your son present.

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