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Why a Military School in Canada Offers More than Traditional Schools

Many people have a preconceived notion of what a military school in Canada is, and rarely are they informed of the many beneficial aspects of what military school can offer.

A military school in Canada is quite the rarity, and when it incorporates a sound educational school program, it can be incredibly helpful to the child.  Here are just a few ways that a military school can offer your child something that a public or private school can’t:

Discipline – how often can parents say that their child doesn’t need any help with discipline? I’d venture a guess at “never”. Children are often undisciplined in most aspects of their life, so imagine what it would be like to have your child stand out in the crowd and be the most well behaved child around. Discipline is a guiding ethos of military schools and is encouraged in both living and learning.

Physical Fitness – it’s fairly obvious what a military school can offer to promote physical fitness, but let’s explore this in greater detail. 31% of Canadian youth are obese or overweight and that number jumps to 59% when they become adults. Adolescents don’t outgrow this problem. Military schools promote a high level of physical fitness in addition to intellectual fitness.

Faculty – military schools in Canada don’t just include experienced military members on staff. There’s a variety of well-educated faculty members with advanced degrees, including many with a background in health care and counselling. Private military boarding schools also tend to have a low teacher to student ratio, so that the faculty can remain focused on their students and ensure that a child doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

New Opportunities – they say everything new is best experienced when you’re young. New experiences form the foundation of the people we become as adults and a private military school experience in Canada is a singular experience that few young people are fortunate enough to experience. The sheer variety of activities including rock climbing, boxing, parachuting, scuba diving, mountain biking, etc. is enough to for a lifetime of experiences.

A military boarding school offers many of the same experiences, amenities, and educational expectations of a regular public or private school. But there’s just so much more that a student can gain from a military school experience than they can in traditional schools. A variety of opportunities, advantages and experiences make a Canadian military school the perfect choice for an exceptional student looking for an exceptional education.

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